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Here, at Mall we strive to create an environment where you can be creative, publish your apps, and enjoy the publicity you build.


There is more. We understand that your apps are the essence of the Android experience and we developed a Licensing Library to guard your apps. It ensures that your paid apps or games are run only on devices of users who purchased them and that they can’t be resold to third parties.

Exactly as the name implies is a unity of all our products working together. A digital Mall holds more than apps. Business tools, games, kids’ apps, and ebooks are all part of our content repository. is not just a showcase of content, but of functionalities also. And all of them can be yours:

Digital Distribution Platform

Digital Distribution Platform

The main gear that powers our whole digital ecosystem. Payment integration, billing, publisher/developer portal, eStorefront management, distribution, legal terms with developers, content sourcing, publishing. We got it all covered.



Your own white label digital Mall just the way you want it. A web portal and an Android client optimized for phones and tablets equipped with the content you need. A full experience that matches the glory of your brand. Ereader Ereader

An eReader solution that comes with a bookshelf just waiting to be filled with any content that you may like. Powered by our digital distribution platform, you can choose from over 38 000 e-books or have your own digital bookstore with your written content in pdf or epub.

Promotional Tools

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Revenue Model

With Mall you will discover how rewarding the app world can be.

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