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Start to monetize your apps via monthly subscriptions
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Appland offer the world’s most flexible white label App Store Platform that makes it possible to create an App Subscription Club, App Recommendation Service or API App Store.

Start to monetize your apps via monthly subscriptions

Appland has released an all you can eat app club in Mexico and are about to release many more. We have integration into hundreds of operators billing systems and we have teamed up with Upstream, the mobile monetization powerhouse that has signed up over 60 million users.

We are looking for the best apps on the planet to join our App Stores. Below is a description of a selection of our stores. Please note that it is the owner of the App Store that approves submitted apps.

CAT Phones App Store: Preloaded on Caterpillars Rugged smartphones, the App Store is niched to blue collar workers (plumbers, carpenters, etc), outdoor people, hikers, etc. Apps that are approved in this store should fit the niche. Example apps are targeting sailing, hiking, blueprints, sprint levels, etc.

Appsmania: App Subscription club in Mexico with all type of apps. The owners have a clever marketing program in place and sign up new users every hour. The App Store only offers space for 300-400 apps. To join you need a popular app with no advertisement or in-app purchases.

Avira: An App Store that focuses on "Secure" & "Quality Assured" apps. All apps must pass their Anti-Malware scanner before their QA team will approve the apps. Everything from Tools, Utilities & Games are allowed.

Good Games: Games Club in south east Asia. Great if the app has Thai & English description. Only Games are allowed in this store.

Silent Circle and Blackphone 2: The Blackphone 2 targets security focused enterprise users and the store owners will do a security review of submitted apps.

Edutablet: Educational app store for in Myanmar, project launched together with Ericsson, UNESCO & Finja5. Apps for this app store need to support tablets.

The First Club: Loyalty club for hotel chains end users. The end user can spend their loyalty points received to purchase apps, movies, e-books etc. Everything from Tools, Utilities & Games are allowed.

Türk Telekom: Games Club in Turkey. The app needs Turkish & English description. They only allow Games.

Secure Banking: A niched app store in China focusing mainly on apps for banking, preloaded on Coolpad devices.

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Revenue Model

70/30 of net revenue.

Supported Languages

  • United-Kingdom English
  • Swedish Swedish
  • Turkish Turkish
  • Spanish Spanish
  • Thai Thai
  • Simple Chinese Simple Chinese

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