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Publish your mobile applications with AppMarket

AppMarket provides various contents from all over the world to all mobile handset and tablet manufacturers.

This creates a huge opportunity for mobile application developers to develop contents for those mobile handsets and tablets in order to recover the content hunger over the mobile handset users. In order to reach global market Turkcell has developed AppMarket and AppMarket Developer Portal in May 2013 and started to give content support for all mobile handsets and tablets.

Hundreds of thousands of users can access your mobile applications via Turkcell's robust infrastructure and market channel.


Our Aim with Developer Portal:

  • Encouraging both Turkish and Global developers for developing mobile applications, Supporting local developers, distributing the applications to the mobile users in Turkey,
  • Increasing the market share of mobile handset and tablet manufacturers and mobile brands,
  • Allowing developers to upload their applications on to AppMarket and manage them easily,
  • Allowing the developers to reach recent information and SDK’s during the mobile application development process.

Promotional Tools

- AppMarket pays developers 70% of the list price for all sales including in-app sales.
- In-app sales require AppMarket in-app billing solution

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