If you do pay per download billing, most app stores will generally deduct the local value added taxes (also referred to as Sales Tax, or Goods and Services Taxes in some markets) as well as withholding taxes (if applicable), and remit this to local tax authorities on your behalf.  Note that most revenue shares are quoted net of taxes.


For in-app billing, you are solely responsible for charging and collecting for taxes. You will need to consult an international tax advisor to determine the extent to which you need to pay these taxes.  Once determined, you will also need to set the appropriate tax rates in applicable app stores.  At the moment, only Google Play supports such settings.


As per our Terms of Service, CodeNgo takes no responsibility for the information provided herein, or for any legal or tax compliance that may apply to you.



In order to receive payments by the various stores, you will need to give them financial information, such as bank accounts or PayPal user id.  Below are a list of stores including methods for settlement. To accept payments with the following stores, you do need to ensure your settings are correct:


•Google Play – Bank Account and Google Merchant Account
•Samsung – Bank Account
•Appoke – PayPal
•AndroidPit – PayPal
•Opera – Bank Account OR address to receive check
•Amazon – Address where to send Check, along with Tax ID information
• – PayPal OR Credit Card
•Vodafone – Bank Account

For stores that accept PayPal, we will ensure your PayPal email is registered. Please note that if you have not filled in all the required information in order to receive funds, and you have paid applications, we cannot complete your submission. We strongly suggest you complete the Settlement information before your submission, as not doing so will delay your submission.  In the event that we find that you have not completed your Settlement information and notify you of such, you have to notify us once this is completed through the CodeNgo messaging tool in your dashboard.